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Blue Fountain

Juanita’s Fountain Wish


Juanita had lived in her house for over 60 years. She and her husband, Bobby, built the fountain in their backyard by hand 55 years ago. This beautiful blue fountain was a family staple that had been there through years of milestones and memories, and is pictured in the background of countless family photos.

Unfortunately, Juanita became ill and received a terminal prognosis of six months. When the LECOM Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Erie County came into Juanita’s life, the fountain was no longer working, and it hadn’t been for some time. Juanita expressed to her hospice team her final wish was to see her beloved fountain restored.

Utilizing donations from the Wings of Hope Fund, the LECOM VNA, along with the Twilight Wish Foundation and Howards Four Seasons Works Inc., worked tirelessly to grant Juanita’s wish. Soon enough, the fountain was flowing again, and Juanita was able to enjoy it during her final days.


This project was made possible by generous donors of the Wings of Hope Fund, the LECOM VNA staff, Twilight Wish Foundation, and Howards Four Seasons Works Inc.